Wake up your senses...

On your next holidays do whatever you ever wanted but could never do… Discover a new ME. Spend your time with many fun and entertaining activities. You will occupy yourself, your friends and family with the hardest of tasks, play sports, relax and read.

Take your time and ride or walk along paths made by nature and the people that walked the lands for centuries, the same paths that today will make you see enchanting lands and beautiful landscapes, roads that will take you to the plains and valleys untouched by human hands and have kept their natural beauty.

Casas no Campo will give you not just privacy and luxury, but also some services and extras such as: a driver, a cook, babysitter, a butler, massages,  tour guides and entertainers, activities that will make you feel at home.

All extra services must be requested when making reservations. The price and availability of extra services may vary according to the chosen house and the services offered. Availability and prices will be confirmed by CENTER when making reservations.

For more information please contact CENTER - www.center.ptinfo@center.pt or Tel: +351 258 931 750.