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Patrimony and culture

Portugal possesses a great and diverse patrimony. Being a travelling people that took inspiration from several cultures across hundreds of years is only natural that many ways of expression and design are manifested on our architecture, civil, religious and military treasures, all of them represented all around the country.

TWe propose that among so many choices, you visit and explore some villages and historical centres, they will allow you to see the most interesting things that are represented in our culture and that journey may give you the enthusiasm to feel and to experience an identity that is ours and is a part of us. Travel to the roots of our Lusitanian blood, to the foundations of Portugal.

List of houses that will allow you to enjoy this memorable Patrimony and culture experience

Casa da Eira   Valença • Oporto and North of Portugal

Ancient traditions, a rich cultural heritage, a remarkable landscape are some of the characteristics of this outstanding property

Casa do Outeirinho   Paredes de Coura • Oporto and North of Portugal

Tradicional Minho house, restored and adapted to tourism with quality and comfort

Casa da Encruzilhada   Ponte de Lima • Oporto and North of Portugal

The perfect refuge for those that wish to be in harmony with Nature, right at the heart of the Arga mountain range.

Quinta da Bemvisa   Ponte de Lima • Oporto and North of Portugal

In Quinta da Bemvisa there is an sensation of relaxation, well-being and perfect peacefulness

Azenha do Rei   Ponte de Lima • Oporto and North of Portugal

An ancient XVII century watermill near river Estorãos and away from the hustle and bustle the city. Recovered with care to preserve the original characteristics of the old watermill

Moinho de Estorãos   Ponte de Lima • Oporto and North of Portugal

Falling asleep with the silence of nature and waking up with the wheel of the mill on spinning the water stream…

Casa da Gaiba   Ponte de Lima • Oporto and North of Portugal

Casa de Gaiba has gone through a thorough renovation so it can welcome with open arms those that wish to find the beauty of its region.

Casa do Tamanqueiro   Ponte de Lima • Oporto and North of Portugal

An 18th Century granite construction, originally occupied by a clog maker ('Tamanqueiro')

Quinta de Cartemil   Ponte de Lima • Oporto and North of Portugal

Here the sky is bluer, the days are longer and the nights is full of moonlight.

Casa do Salgueirinho   Ponte de Lima • Oporto and North of Portugal

Surrounded by vineyards, fields and orchards.

Casas de Porto Bom   Ponte da Barca • Oporto and North of Portugal

Casas de Porto Bom are the result of the careful restoration of two rustic houses

Casa do Monte   Barcelos • Oporto and North of Portugal

Casa do Monte has an amazing panoramic view of the surrounding landscape

Casa da Ramada   Fafe • Oporto and North of Portugal

This granite-built farm house is served by a glamorous private swimming pool and it is just a short amble from the heart of the merry town of Fafe

Casa Santa Cristina   Marco de Canavezes • Oporto and North of Portugal

Among the green hills and the outstanding Douro River

Casa das Rendufas   Torres Novas • Center of Portugal

A peaceful village retreat close to magnificent Templar castles   Rio Maior • Alentejo and Ribatejo

On the rebuilt ruins of an old mill, it created a cozy space that provides an experience of former days.

Casa da Al-deia   Rio Maior • Alentejo and Ribatejo

On the smallest of the villages on Parque Natural das Serras D’Aire e Candeeiros, we find Casa da Al-deia as a memory from the times moors walked these lands.

Moinho da Senta   Rio Maior • Alentejo and Ribatejo

Enjoy the beauty, the silence and the quiet of Nature that exists on the Parque Natural das Serras D’Aire e Candeeiros.

Casa Mar de Serra   Rio Maior • Alentejo and Ribatejo

Casa Mar de Serra or Casa do Moleiro has a rustic beauty and provides and inviting environment to take walks on the surrounding mountains.

Casa do Pinheiro Grande   Bombarral • Center of Portugal

Casa do Pinheiro Grande is a completely restored building where harmony reigns.

Moinho Mó da Praia   Ilha da Graciosa • Azores

Windmills are a card-to-visit the island resulting from bygone times when the Graciosa Island was considered the “Azores Barn” for its extensive production of cereals.

Quinta do Covanco   Alenquer • Lisbon

Quinta do Covanco makes for an relaxing vacation spot away from everyday stress.

Casas de Romaria   Mora • Alentejo and Ribatejo

Casas de Romaria are a rural tourism project from the Village of Brotas, a typical village from Alentejo.

Moinho do Alamo   Montemor-o-Novo • Alentejo and Ribatejo

Enjoying all the peace and contact with nature Moinho do Álamo us a house full of charisma and tradition.

Casa do Alto da Eira   Cuba • Alentejo and Ribatejo

Casa do Alto da Eira has been carefully restored while maintaining the typical looks of a house from Alentejo.

Casa dos Castelejos   Castro Verde • Alentejo and Ribatejo

Casa dos Castelejos is an invitation to discover the most pure and authentic Alentejo.

Casas da Cerca   Odemira • Alentejo and Ribatejo

Casas da Cerca are a Tourism in a rural environment that evolved from the reconstruction of ancient buildings

Casa Conversas de Alpendre   Vila Real de Sto. António • Algarve

Between the countryside and the beach, and near some of the country’s most famous beaches Casa Conversas de Alpendre is a hidden refuge on Algarve.

Casa de Pedralva   Vila do Bispo • Algarve

Pedralva Country Houses are unique project for the recovery of a village on rural Algarve.

Solar da Bica   São Vicente • Madeira

Solar da Bica is an excellent starting point for those that wish to discover the enchanting Madeira Island.