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Traditional Games

Traditional games are a fundamental part of a people’s identity, for they are related to the history of their country.

They where based on the daily life of the populations, where they took their inspiration. They can be considered not only games, but also ways of socialization, and free-times occupation. Their greatest priority was distraction.

They came to us through oral tradition after they were passed on for decades or even centuries. Their themes where based around the daily works and changed depending on the seasons, the crops, pilgrimages, festivals and religious holidays. Work tools usually supplied the materials for the games (iron, wood, rope, etc.). Strength, dexterity and luck were all needed to the participants.

Find out more about typical and traditional games of each region in Casas do Campo.

List of houses that will allow you to enjoy this memorable Traditional Games experience

Quinta de Cartemil   Ponte de Lima • Oporto and North of Portugal

Here the sky is bluer, the days are longer and the nights is full of moonlight.

Casa do Casal do Carvalhal   Amares • Oporto and North of Portugal

Carefully decorated in mixture of old and new styles Casa do Casal do Carvalhal offers confort and tranquillity for every guest

Casa Santa Cristina   Marco de Canavezes • Oporto and North of Portugal

Among the green hills and the outstanding Douro River

Casa dos Matos   Porto de Mós • Center of Portugal

Casa dos Matos is an refuge for harmony and peace, that invites you to relax an to search nature.

Casas de Romaria   Mora • Alentejo and Ribatejo

Casas de Romaria are a rural tourism project from the Village of Brotas, a typical village from Alentejo.

Casa das Cores   Mértola • Alentejo and Ribatejo

On contact with nature we find enchanting places with marvellous stories at the same time we practice our favourite activities!

Casa de Pedralva   Vila do Bispo • Algarve

Pedralva Country Houses are unique project for the recovery of a village on rural Algarve.

Solar da Bica   São Vicente • Madeira

Solar da Bica is an excellent starting point for those that wish to discover the enchanting Madeira Island.