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Golf has stopped being a sport only for elites. There are more and more people that in the weekends or during vacations enjoy their free time practicing this activity. There are several reasons, although one of them is the dichotomy that while there are the pleasant walks, and at the same time the game needs a great deal of concentration. Being both a personal effort and a great way to fraternize with others. When you have been playing for a long time and have attained a good technical level, there is the desire to change fields, to experience new places and challenges, the changing position of the holes and the different fields allow for a greater challenge.

List of houses that will allow you to enjoy this memorable Golf experience

Casa da Encruzilhada   Ponte de Lima • Oporto and North of Portugal

The perfect refuge for those that wish to be in harmony with Nature, right at the heart of the Arga mountain range.

Quinta da Bemvisa   Ponte de Lima • Oporto and North of Portugal

In Quinta da Bemvisa there is an sensation of relaxation, well-being and perfect peacefulness

Azenha do Rei   Ponte de Lima • Oporto and North of Portugal

An ancient XVII century watermill near river Estorãos and away from the hustle and bustle the city. Recovered with care to preserve the original characteristics of the old watermill

Moinho de Estorãos   Ponte de Lima • Oporto and North of Portugal

Falling asleep with the silence of nature and waking up with the wheel of the mill on spinning the water stream…

Casa da Gaiba   Ponte de Lima • Oporto and North of Portugal

Casa de Gaiba has gone through a thorough renovation so it can welcome with open arms those that wish to find the beauty of its region.

Casa do Salgueirinho   Ponte de Lima • Oporto and North of Portugal

Surrounded by vineyards, fields and orchards.

Casa do Monte   Barcelos • Oporto and North of Portugal

Casa do Monte has an amazing panoramic view of the surrounding landscape

Casa do Pinheiro Grande   Bombarral • Center of Portugal

Casa do Pinheiro Grande is a completely restored building where harmony reigns.

Casa Conversas de Alpendre   Vila Real de Sto. António • Algarve

Between the countryside and the beach, and near some of the country’s most famous beaches Casa Conversas de Alpendre is a hidden refuge on Algarve.