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From north to south of the country there are many gardens that radiate a poetic aura and mysterious aura, they are the reason of many curious and dream-like sensations, as they have been described by so many poets.

Who doesn’t dream of vast horizons, valleys next to the ocean, flowery perfumes and unknown places? The mysteries of untouched Nature, the mythical landscapes, the wavy or terrace-like lands and the mirror-like rivers. That is what we invite you to explore in Portugal. Casas no Campo are part of that dream, they give you the magic and the rural charm that you need. So that in a curious and open spirit you can enjoy best what nature has reserved.

List of houses that will allow you to enjoy this memorable Gardens experience

Casinha de Mozelos    Paredes de Coura • Oporto and North of Portugal

Set in the terraces of a small estate overlooking the Coura Valley, Casinha de Mozelos is a typical Upper Minho stone cottage

Quinta do Ameal - Enoturismo   Ponte de Lima • Oporto and North of Portugal

Quinta do Ameal – Enoturismo (wine tourism) is a heritage site, dating back to 1710, of rare natural beauty. Nestled in an upper mountain valley overlooking the Lima River

Quinta de Cartemil   Ponte de Lima • Oporto and North of Portugal

Here the sky is bluer, the days are longer and the nights is full of moonlight.

Casa do Casal do Carvalhal   Amares • Oporto and North of Portugal

Carefully decorated in mixture of old and new styles Casa do Casal do Carvalhal offers confort and tranquillity for every guest

Casa do Monte   Barcelos • Oporto and North of Portugal

Casa do Monte has an amazing panoramic view of the surrounding landscape

Casa da Ramada   Fafe • Oporto and North of Portugal

This granite-built farm house is served by a glamorous private swimming pool and it is just a short amble from the heart of the merry town of Fafe

Quinta das Lavandas   Castelo de Vide • Alentejo and Ribatejo

On the heart of Alentejo, Lavanda is the main protagonist…

Moinho do Alamo   Montemor-o-Novo • Alentejo and Ribatejo

Enjoying all the peace and contact with nature Moinho do Álamo us a house full of charisma and tradition.